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2013년 새해 복 많이 받으시라!

FAQ(2) - About the song called 牛乳飲め! (English)

Hello guys, this is H.J.Freaks :-)

First of all, I'm sorry that I'm very poor at English.

Now I have to do some explanations about the video I've posted on YouTube and Nico-Nico Douga.


There are tons of questions about this video. for examples:
1) What is this song?
2) Are there any files(mp3 or else) for original song and where can I find them?
3) Why do you dress like that? Are you a gay? or just wanna have fun?


So I decided to give some informations for 牛乳飲め! to you.

1) About the original song
牛乳飲め! pronounces "gyu-nyu-no-me" which means in Japanese, "You should drink milk".
This song was composed, lyrics, arranged by Japanese musician who is called "Deadball P(デッドボールP)", which contains following messages:

"If you want to enhance your breast size, you should drink milk."
"I've believed that who has big chests drinks plenty amount of milk everyday."
(However, I think that they aren't scientifically proved.)

2) About the lyrics
The follwings are the lyrics of this song, 牛乳飲め!

牛乳飲め! Lyrics by Deadball P(デッドボールP)
nihatsume, ikku-yo!
This is my second song! Let's go!

Uhh...You should drink milk!
Everybody GYU-NYU!!               [4 times]

昔から 体のサイズ 小さくて
mukasi kara karada no saizu chiisakute
I'm a small girl from quite times ago

前へならえで 腰に手を当てた
mae-e naraete kosi ni teo ateta
So I always put my hands on my waist to look tall

昔から 胸のサイズも 小さくて
mukasi kara mune no saizu chiisakute
I'm also a flat-chested girl from quite times ago

sports bra kara sakini susuma nai
who only sports bra would fit to my chests.

AAAカップよ? 何か文句あるの?
triple A cup yo? nanika monku aruno?
Yes, I have a AAA-sized chests, so what?

そんな私が 出会った 魔法のクスリ
son na watasi ga dea ta maho no kusuri
But, one day I met some magical portion to make my breast bigger.

牛乳飲めば 全て解決!
gyu-nyu nome ba subete kaiketsu
If you drink milk, everything would be OK!

胸のサイズ 大きく
mune no saizu o-o-kiku
Your brest size must be enhanced.

魔法の力 信じてみない?
maho no chikara sinjite minai
You'd better believe the magical power of milk.

私の悩み 解決!
watasi no nayami kaiketsu
My brest size would be enhanced, too!

牛乳飲んで バストをアップ!
gyu-nyu nonde basuto appu
Drink milk and you can get some big puppies!

はじめての ブラジャー!
hajimete no bura ja
After drinking milk, I can wear brassiere for the first time!

魔法の呪文 唱えてみない?
maho ni jyu mon tonaete minai
Let's spell some magical spells out together!

takanashi gyu-nyu oisi

牛乳! 牛乳! 牛乳飲め!
gyu-nyu!  gyu-nyu!  gyu-nyu-no-me!
Milk! milk! You should drink milk!

Let's go!

[Scat time]

牛乳! 牛乳! 牛乳飲め!
gyu-nyu!  gyu-nyu!  gyu-nyu-no-me!
Milk! milk! You should drink milk!

昔から 信じられないことがある
mukasi kara sinji rare nai kotoga aru
I couldn't believe quite times ago that

胸が大きいと あせもが出来るらしい
mune ga o-ki to asemoga dekiru rasi
if you have big chests, you can easily get some heat lashes.

昔から 信じて疑わなかった
mukasi kara sinjite utagawa nakata
But I always think without doubt that

胸の中に 牛乳が詰まってると
mune no nakani gyu-nyu ga tsumateru to
women's breasts are filled up with milk.

nu-bra wo tsukeru to dekiru ma no kuuhaku
There are plenty of "vacancy" if I wear "Nu Bra"

じわじわはがれて ぼとりと床に落ちる
siwasiwa hagarete potori to yuka ni ochiru
finally they always fall off my chests to the floor.

牛乳飲めば 全て解決!
gyu-nyu nome ba subete kaiketsu
But drinking milk will solve such problems!

科学根拠も あるのよ?
kagaku konkyo mo arunoyo
However, is it scientifically proved?

みんなの知らない 真実なのよ
min na no siranai sinjitsu nanoyo
It is the fact that nobody knows

都市伝説じゃ ないのよ?
tosi densetsu jya nainoyo
Is it some spook story maybe?

ホルモン牛乳 飲めばいいのね!
horumon gyu-nyu nomeba iinone
In conclusion, you should drink milk contains some "hormones"(somatotropin? I guess)

takanashi gyu-nyu jya imi nai
TAKANASHI milk has no effects!

科学の力 信じてみない?
kagaku no chikara sinjite minai
You'd better believe the power of science.

ソマトトロピン 承認!!!
soma totoro pin syou nin
Somatotropin is the real stuff!!!

牛乳! 牛乳! 牛乳飲め!
gyu-nyu!  gyu-nyu!  gyu-nyu-no-me!          [4 times]
Milk! milk! You should drink milk!

でも コーヒー牛乳は…
demo ko-hi-gyu-nyu wa
By the way, milk coffee is...

苦しくて飲めない! けど我慢して飲む!
kurusikute nome nai kedo gaman site nomu
too bitter for me to drink! but I would try it!

fuu, arigato! pegori
That's all folks! Thanks for listening!

"TAKANASHI" means the brand name of milk manufactured in Japan.
See also: http://www.takanashi-milk.co.jp/

Very important:
You should remember that hormone treatment without proper prescriptions may be very harmful, even causes to decease!!!

3) About the singer

This song was sung by Hatsune Miku(初音ミク), a virtual singer represented by a software which is called "Vocaloid2".
For more informations, please refer to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miku_Hatsune#Hatsune_Miku

4) How to get the original version of 牛乳飲め!

There is a website called piapro.jp. It is a Japanese-only site so you may need some translator(for example, google translator) unless you can understand Japanese.
You should be a free membership to sign in, search some musics, and download them.
By searching the keyword "牛乳飲め!", you can get this song easily.
If you're interested in another "Vocaloid songs", you can freely download any of them in there and enjoy!

For more: http://piapro.jp



  • Winny 2009/09/04 00:46 # 삭제 답글

    whoaaaa i'm very impressed at your English, though. ;>
  • Me 2009/09/06 00:41 # 삭제 답글

    Very very good English.
  • asd 2009/09/10 06:34 # 삭제 답글

    you didnt really answer question number three though..haha.
  • Neech 2009/09/10 07:40 # 삭제 답글

    Hello. Your perfomance is awesome! Your fingers are absolutely furious! By the way, could you tell me, where can I find that song? I desire to have it in my player!
  • Neech 2009/09/10 07:44 # 삭제 답글

    Oh, I'm sorry, didn't noticed the fourth paragraph :)
  • 2009/09/11 20:50 # 삭제 답글 비공개

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  • horip 2009/09/11 23:57 # 삭제 답글

    I found the rosetta stone here!
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  • timus 2009/09/26 05:36 # 삭제 답글

    great bass playing though!
  • c9rl 2009/10/09 01:27 # 삭제 답글

    i think your video would have many more views if you would use english tags
  • nanasi 2009/10/20 00:18 # 삭제 답글

  • anon 2009/10/21 14:35 # 삭제 답글

    You never told us if you're trans or just a crossdresser though :<
  • HJ Lee 2009/11/27 04:06 # 삭제 답글

    man, you really are a freak!
    Great playing but in insane clothing, and that makes you very special and unique,, smart...
    I want to meet you when I m back in korea, pls. send me your contact no.,
    well, if we get to meet, pls. don't stare at my ass, cause I am straight. okaY?
    Keep rocking babe!
  • 2009/12/08 21:11 # 삭제 답글 비공개

    비공개 덧글입니다.
  • Me 2009/12/22 03:07 # 삭제 답글

    Can someone please tell me if you've found how to download the song. I made the account, found the song, but no matter how much translating I do, I can't find a link for a download. THanks.
  • you 2010/01/10 12:25 # 삭제 답글

    will you be my wifeface!

    you are awesome!!

  • Reecard 2010/01/10 12:26 # 삭제

    will you be my wifeface!

    you are awesome!!

  • me also 2010/02/03 03:38 # 삭제 답글

    I think the line at the top of the page although hard to understand says it all.
    "A stupid world provided by a stupid one to make sense who are really stupid". I think he's just making fun of how stupid the song is.
  • Bunnymajs 2010/03/26 07:55 # 삭제 답글

    Just totally love that bass.. my god <3
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    I fell in love with you today H.J.Freaks :-)

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    Are you Korean??!!!!! OMG DUDE, We are friends :) I AM OFFICIALLY YOUR FAN! 멋지십니다-_-乃
  • S 2012/02/02 01:44 # 삭제 답글

    Hey dude...

    Excellent bass work there. Great choice of tunes! Love the dresses! haha...Peace. :D
  • josef 2012/05/03 21:57 # 삭제 답글

    Wait.. You haven't told us if you're gay or not!
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